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Last Post 03 May 2016 03:36 PM by  Chris Phillis
R-16-0009 Rule 39, Rules of Procedure for the Juvenile Court
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Patricia Schuler
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07 Jan 2016 03:38 PM

    Petition to Amend Rule 39 of the Rules of Procedure for the Juvenile Court

    Would ensure that represented parties are on notice of counsel's request to withdraw and that they are fully informed regarding future proceedings affecting their interests, rights, and responsibilities

    Honorable Colleen A. McNally
    Juvenile Court Presiding Judge
    Superior Court of Arizona, Maricopa County
    3131 W. Durango
    Phoenix, AZ 85009
    (602) 506-5961

    Date of Filing: January 7, 2016

    Comments due on or before May 20, 2016.

    ADOPTED, effective January 1, 2017.
    Chris Phillis
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    03 May 2016 03:36 PM
    Christina M. Phillis,
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