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NEW! The Court acted on many pending rule petitions at its August 29, 2017 Rules Agenda.  

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This website allows you to electronically file and monitor court rule petitions and comments and to view existing rules of court, recent amendments of those rules, and pending rule petitions and comments. Any visitor to this site may view posts on this website, but to post a petition or comment you must register and log in. To view instructions on how to register and how to file a petition or comment, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. 
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0 Replies and 662 Views R-17-0052 Petition to Amend Rules 47, 48 and 58, Rules of the Arizona Supreme Court (Request for Expedited Adoption)   Started by  Allyson Flanagan Hon. William J. O'Neil Presiding Disciplinary Judge 1501 W. Washington St., Ste. 102 Phoenix, AZ 85007 (602) 452-3436 Filed October 31, 2017 COMMENTS ON THIS PETITION ARE NOT CURRENTLY BEING ACCEPTED.
0 662
03 Nov 2017 10:10 AM
0 Replies and 499 Views R-17-0053 Petition to amend Ariz. Sup. Ct. R. 37(d)(1)   Started by  KDE Kenneth David Eckhauser 12452 N. 145th Way Scottsdale, AZ, 85259 (773)299-0388 Bar Number: 69903 (Missouri) Pursuant to Arizona Supreme Court Rule 35(c)(3) an applicant seeking to sit for the Arizona Bar Exam a fourth time must submit a written request to the Arizona Committee on Examinations to obtain their approval. Arizona Supreme Court Rule 37(d) governs the Refund of Fees, and requires that an applicant submit a writ...
0 499
02 Nov 2017 10:25 AM
0 Replies and 1084 Views R-17-0050 Petition to Further Amend the Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure to Modify Rule 11 and Add Rule 26(b)(2)(D)   Started by  Sara J. Agne Governor of Arizona Doug Ducey Senate President Steve Yarbrough House Speaker J.D. Mesnard 1700 W. Washington Street Phoenix, Arizona 85007 Glenn Hamer, President/Chief Executive Officer, Steven Twist, Chair, Legal, Regulatory, & Financial Services Committee, Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry 3200 N. Central Avenue, Suite 1125 Phoenix, Arizona 85012 Filed Oct...
0 1084
19 Oct 2017 02:29 PM
0 Replies and 989 Views R-17-0048 Admission on Motion- Rule 34 f(4) A.R.S. Supreme Court Rules   Started by  kcalsmith Name: Kenneth C Smith Address: 2728 E Minton Street, Mesa, AZ 85213 Phone: 480-567-6663 Fax: 480-304-9299 Email: New Mexico Bar 149157 This amendment would delete Supreme Court Rule 34(f)(4), which makes a person ineligible for bar admission on motion if the person failed to achieve an Arizona scaled score on the uniform bar examination within five years of the date of filing an application. ...
0 989
05 Oct 2017 12:24 AM
0 Replies and 915 Views R-17-0049 Rule 72 Sua Sponte Appointments of Special Masters   Started by  Martin Lynch This petition would amend Rule 72, Rules of Family Court Procedure, to allow the trial court to appoint a family law master only if the parties stipulated to the appointment in writing or on the record in open court. Pursuant to Rule 28, Rules of the Supreme Court, Martin Lynch, on behalf of the People of Arizona, and joined in the spirit of Peter Swann, Judge of the Arizona Court of Appeals and Paul McMurdie, Appellate Judge and former Presiding Judge of the Family Court of the...
0 915
02 Oct 2017 03:32 PM
0 Replies and 1571 Views R-17-0047 Terminology Section, Rules of the Commission on Judicial Conduct   Started by  forpubliccomment Advay Mengle PO Box 390817 Mountain View, CA 94039 The petition would amend the Rules of the Commission Terminology Section. Filed September 15, 2017 COMMENTS ON THIS PETITION ARE NOT CURRENTLY BEING ACCEPTED.
0 1571
15 Sep 2017 03:07 PM
0 Replies and 3155 Views R-17-0045 Rule 7d(2)(B), Rules of Procedure for Appellate & Trial Court Appointments et al   Started by  Linda Koschney Jack Levine SBN 001637 777 E. Thomas Rd., Suite 250 Phoenix, AZ 85014 Ph: 602-395-9000 E:mail: This petition would amend various rules concerning the merit selection, evaluation, and retention of judges. It would require (1) written examination of judicial applicants' knowledge of Arizona law; (2) retention of negative comments about judicial applicants; and (3) that once appointed, judges have permanent assignment to a division that close...
0 3155
10 Jul 2017 08:46 AM
0 Replies and 3219 Views R-17-0044 Rule 43, Rules of the Supreme Court   Started by  Linda Koschney Jack Levine SBN 001637 777 E. Thomas Rd., Suite 250 Phoenix, AZ 85014 Ph: 602-395-9000 E:mail: Would amend Rule 43, Arizona Rules of the Supreme Court to encourage overdraft protection for client trust accounts; set procedures for rectifying overdrafts and giving notice to the state bar of failure to rectify overdrafts; and to require lawyers to leave untouched client trust account deposits in excess of $5,000 for ten days to allow checks to...
0 3219
06 Jul 2017 12:55 PM
0 Replies and 3831 Views R-17-0043 PETITION FOR EXPEDITED ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER PER RULE 28 (G) RE: SUPREME COURT RULE 123 PUBLIC ACCESS TO THE JUDICIAL RECORDS OF THE STATE OF ARIZONA   Started by  Patricia Patricia L. Cummins 14715 S. Camino Tierra Del Rio Sahuarita, Arizona 85629 520.730.5650 Rule amendment would require under Rule of the Supreme Court 123(g) that court clerks afford equal remote electronic access to court records to both counsel and self-representing litigants, including in Family Law cases. Petitioner requests an emergency expedited amendment of Supreme Court Rule 123 which has been found to present an urgen...
0 3831
19 Jun 2017 09:53 PM
0 Replies and 57 Views Test Started by  Stephen F. McCarville Test
0 57
02 May 2017 11:30 AM
0 Replies and 3904 Views R-17-0037 Petition to Repeal Order No. R-16-0041 or Amend Rule 7   Started by  Samantha DuMond Samantha K DuMond, Esq. DuMond Law PLLC Attorney for Arizona Bail Bondsmen Association 1006 W Adams Street Suite 101 Phoenix, AZ 85007 Fax: 602-803-4975 Email: State Bar No. 031072 This petition is to repeal order No R-16-0041 or amend the current rule 7 of the Arizona Rules of Criminal Procedure based upon the new rules being in direct conflict with the Arizona Revised Statutes and being implemented in violation of the Arizona Constitution....
0 3904
25 Apr 2017 03:41 PM
0 Replies and 4164 Views R-17-0035 Rule 49(a)(2)(C)(ii) of the Arizona Rules of the Supreme Court   Started by  Mark Harrison Mark I. Harrison Osborn Maledon, P.A. 2929 N. Central Avenue, 21st Floor, Phoenix, AZ 85012 Phone: (602) 640-9324 fax: (602) 640-9050 Bar No. 001226 The proposed rule is intended to remove the unintended punitive effect on respondents of the current rule which requires posting of probation on the State Bar website for five years. Filed April 3, 2017 COMMENTS ON THIS PETITION ARE NOT CURRENTLY BEING ACCEPTED.
0 4164
03 Apr 2017 04:45 PM
0 Replies and 4243 Views R-17-0033 Petition to Amend Rule 113(i), Arizona Justice Court Rules of Civil Procedure   Started by  Colin Oglesbee Petition to Amend Rule 113(i), Arizona Justice Court Rules of Civil Procedure Would amend time for service in Justice Court Civil cases from 120 days to 90 days, to conform with Rule 4(i), Arizona Civil Rules of Procedure Rule used in Superior Court Civil cases. Petitioner: Colin Oglesbee Pima County Consolidated Justice Court 240 N. Stone Tucson, AZ 85701 Telephone: (520) 724-9919 Facsimile: (520) 724-4404 Filed March 2, 2017 C...
0 4243
02 Mar 2017 11:46 AM
0 Replies and 4226 Views R-17-0031 Supreme Court Rules 31, 38 and 39 with Request for Late Filing   Started by  Jennifer Greene Hons. Ryan Andrews, Chair and Randall Howe, Vice Chair Arizona State, Tribal, and Federal Court Forum c/o AOC Legal Services 1501 W. Washington, Suite 414 (602) 452-3325 Filed February 23, 2017 Would allow tribal governments from other states seeking to exercise their rights under ICWA in Arizona child custody proceedings to avoid some pro hac vice appearance requirements; to obtain special admission of out-of-state attorney...
0 4226
23 Feb 2017 04:16 PM
0 Replies and 4181 Views R-17-0032 Rule 8.4, Rule 42, Ethics Rules   Started by  Dianne Post Dianne Post Central Arizona National Lawyers Guild 1826 E Willetta St. Phoenix, AZ 85006-3047 602 271 9019 Bar No. 006141 Filed February 23, 2017 Would amend ER 8.4 to add language adopted by the ABA in Model Rule 8.4 as it applies to non-discrimination. COMMENTS ON THIS PETITION ARE NOT CURRENTLY BEING ACCEPTED. 3/2/2017 Motion for Expedited ...
0 4181
23 Feb 2017 04:00 PM
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