Arizona Judicial Council

Council Members

Chief Justice Rebecca White Berch Chair
Dave Byers Administrative Director of the Courts
Chief Judge Diane M. Johnsen Chief Judge, Court of Appeals, Division I
Chief Judge Joseph W. Howard Chief Judge, Court of Appeals, Division II
Presiding Judge Sara R. Simmons Superior Court in Pima County
Presiding Judge Norman Davis Superior Court in Maricopa County
Presiding Judge Peter Cahill Superior Court Presiding Judge, Rural
Presiding Judge John N. Nelson Superior Court Presiding Judge, Rural
Honorable Roxanne K. Song Ong Presiding Magistrate City of Phoenix
Judge Rachel Torres Carrillo Justice of the Peace
Judge David Widmaier Justice of the Peace
Whitney Cunningham President, State Bar of Arizona (or designee)
Yvonne R Hunter Public Member
Janet Regner Public Member
Mike Hellon Public Member
Emily Johnston Public Member
George Weisz Public Member
William J. Mangold Jr., M.D. Public Member
Athia Hardt Public Member
Jim Bruner
Public Member
Victor M. Flores Public Member
Jack B. Jewett Public Member
Michael K. Jeanes  Clerk of the Court
Gary Krcmarik  Court Administrator
Judge David Mackey Chair, Committee on Superior Court
Judge Antonio Riojas, Jr. Chair, Committee on Limited Jurisdiction Courts

Michael Baumstark AJC Staff Member
Lorraine Smith AJC Staff Member