Arizona Judicial Branch

Meet the Council

The Council is composed of the following members: the chief justice of the Supreme Court; the chief judges of the Court of Appeals; the presiding judges of Maricopa and Pima counties; the president of the State Bar of Arizona or designee; the administrative director of the courts; two presiding judges of the superior court from non-metropolitan counties, a justice of the peace, a city magistrate, and public members, all appointed by the Chief Justice; and such other members as may be appointed at the discretion of the Chief Justice.

chief justice balesChief Justice 
Scott Bales
Supreme Court
Admin Director Dave ByersDave Byers
AOC Director
Supreme Court
Chief Judge
Michael Brown
Judge EckerstromChief Judge
Peter Eckerstrom
Judge Bryson
Presiding Judge
Kyle Bryson
Pima County

Judge Barton
Presiding Judge
Janet Barton
Maricopa County

Judge Gurtler Presiding Judge
Charles Gurtler
Yuma County

Judge StaufferPresiding Judge
Monica Stauffer
Greenlee County