Arizona Judicial Branch

2012 DSA Award Winners

2012 Distinguished Service Winners

The Arizona Judicial Branch 2012 Distinguished Service Awards recognize individuals, teams, projects, and courts that have made substantial contributions to Improving Public Trust and Confidence in the Arizona court system and in achieving the goals of Justice 2020
A Vision for the Future of the Arizona Judicial Branch 2010-2015. 

The winners of the 2012 Judicial Council Awards are:

Chief Justice's Outstanding Contribution to the Courts Award:

Mr. Mike Hellon
Member, Arizona Judicial Council

Mike HellonMike Hellon, Chair of the Arizona Commission on Judicial  Performance Review was honored for being a proven leader for the courts and in his community for the past 20 + years.  As a public person, Mr. Hellon is known for communicating well with the public, explaining the role of judges in society, the value of merit selection, and the role of the Judicial Performance Review.  His involvement with the courts ranges from, being a small claims hearing officer, currently serving on the Arizona Judicial Council, and gives his time to serve as a faculty member for Limited Jurisdiction New Judges Orientation and Training Program.

Supreme Court's Improving Public Trust and Confidence:

Honorable Lawrence Winthrop
Chief Judge, Arizona Court of Appeals, Division I

Chief Judge Lawrence Winthrop

Chief Judge Larry Winthrop of the Arizona Court of Appeals, Division One was honored for bringing trust and confidence to the bench.  Judge Winthrop has served on many court initiatives, including: Arizona Judicial Council, Commission on Judicial Conduct, Commission on  Technology, Committee on Examinations, and Committee on Keeping the Record.  Recently, Judge Winthrop has been an advocate for the Appellate Courts in Arizona assisting in ensuring adequate funding to 
serve the citizens of Arizona.

Administrative Director's Administration of Justice Award:

Ms. Karen Ferrara
Court Administrator, Superior Court in Cochise County

Karen FerraraKaren Ferrara, recently retired Court Administrator  for Superior Court in Cochise County was honored for her commitment to improve the administration of  justice in Arizona.  Ms. Ferrara served on many committees before her retirement, including; Arizona Judicial Council, Committee on Alternate Dispute Resolution, Committee on Judicial Education and Training, Committee on Keeping the Record, Committee on Superior Court, and Judicial Staff Education Committee.

Arizona Pro Bono Award Winners:

Janet Story, ESQ.
Volunteer Lawyers Program
(A Joint Project with the Maricopa County Bar Association and Community Legal Services)

Janet Story, Esq

Janet Story has been volunteering her time to the Volunteer Lawyers Program in Maricopa County for the past 18 years. Through her passion for advocating for the stability and security of youth at risk, Ms.Story helped to create the Children’s Law Center Adoption Project.

Scott Gan, ESQ.
Volunteer Lawyers Program, Tucson, Arizona

Scott GanScott Gan of Mesch, Clark, and Rothschild in Tucson has been a member of Southern Arizona Legal Aid’s Volunteer Lawyers Program since 1986. Mr.Gan is also a frequent participant in Volunteer Lawyer Program Reaffirmation Clinic.


Congratulations to all our 2012
Distinguished Service Winners



Awards were presented at the 2012 Judicial Conference luncheon,
Wednesday, June 20, 2012