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2016 Strategic Award Winners

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Goal 1: Promoting Access to Justice
AmeriCorps Program at Maricopa County Superior Court

Within the Self-Service and Protective Order Centers, AmeriCorps members greet visitors, assist them in understanding and completing forms, help them sign up for workshops, escort them to the Clerk’s filing counter, or escort them to courtrooms.  Domestic violence victims seeking orders of protection can have a member of the team sit with them until the hearing is over.  Since January 2016, the Court’s 34 AmeriCorps members served 12,122 hours, assisted 68,096 customers, escorted 1,636 customers, and distributed 2,127 domestic violence resource handouts. Information on AmeriCorps Available Here.

Goal 2: Protecting Children, Families, and Communities
Runaway Handbook
Mohave County Probation Department

2016 Mohave Probation
Working as Intake Officers, Ms. Dale Herren and Ms. Terra Sears found a need and created a solution that protects children, families, and communities. Before these recent changes, parents of runaway youth would receive a warning letter by mail.  Acknowledging that runaway youth are at greater risk for human trafficking, decreased self-esteem, and alienation from their families, the Runaway Handbook is a step toward preventing these undesirable outcomes. The handbook offers tips on successful family communication, helping youth identify their Kids at Hope Aces, developing their talents, and building life skills.

Goal 3: Improving Court Processes to Better Serve the Public
Guadalupe Municipal Court
Teen Court and Other Reforms

Alvarez Judge
When Judge Lilia Alvarez became Presiding Judge of the Guadalupe Municipal Court she set the Court on a pathway to improvement by introducing a series of reforms:  
Teen Court received national recognition.
Previously, only 15% of defendants appeared, now the rate is above 95%.
The Court now offers an on-line interpreter service.
The poverty rate in Guadalupe is twice the state average. The Court now has a Public Defender.
Years ago if defendants could not pay court-ordered fines, they were locked up.  Now, there is the ability to create payment plans that are reasonable to the ability to pay. Read annual report for more.

Goal 4:  Enhancing Professionalism within Arizona’s Courts
Court Mentoring Program
Superior Court in Pima County

Pima County

The Court Mentoring Program’s first year has proven valuable to the protégés, mentors, and to the court, resulting in a continuing commitment to enhancing professionalism.  The yearlong program builds upon the Pima County Superior Court’s existing training and education for employees and leaders by adding firsthand advice and counseling from senior leaders.  The mentoring program pairs ten protégés with ten mentors who share their knowledge, experience, insight, and guidance to develop the next generation of high-performing leaders. The ongoing objective is to assist in the recruitment and retention of a high-quality, diverse workforce, ensuring the court is a desirable place .

Goal 5:  Improving Communications and Community Participation
Justice 2035 Strategic Planning Forum
Coconino County Courts and Stakeholders

Courts within Coconino County participated in the Justice 2035 Strategic Planning Forum involving 129 stakeholders that included faith-based leaders, public members, social service organizations, educators, law enforcement, judges, tribal leaders, the Board of Supervisors, City Council members, attorneys, and government staff.  Modeled after 3 prior strategic planning sessions, the Justice 2035 Forum was convened to identify, plan, and prioritize focus areas for the next 20 years.