Arizona Judicial Branch

Award Winners

A Message from the 2011 Judicial Nominating Committee 


On behalf of the 2011 Arizona Judicial Awards Nominating Committee, we are pleased to present to you the roster of award recipients for this year.  We appreciate the opportunity to serve the Chief Justice and the Arizona Judicial Council as committee members.   

As we reviewed the nominees, we were all impressed with the caliber of effort exhibited by the various individuals and court systems in the state to implement the goals of the Chief Justice in Justice 2020.  These nominees present good news for Arizona where individuals, court systems, and programs looked at challenges of reduced budgets and personnel and found new ways to protect the public and provide justice. As a Committee, we extend our heartfelt thanks to all of the nominees for your work and encourage you to apply again next year.

 We believe the nominees present a series of positive stories that should be publicly shared to remind Arizonans that there is a way for government to work in a favorable way, even in the face of limited resources.   

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         At-Large Category:
        Winner: Justice 2030 Strategic Planning Forum 
        Superior Court in Coconino County        
        Presiding Judge: Honorable Mark Moran
        Nominated: by Mr. Gary Krcmarik
        For Justice 2020 Goal: Improving Communications  

        Justice 2030


        General Jurisdiction Court Category

        Winner:   Early Resolution Conference Program in Pinal County
        Superior Court in Pinal County
        Presiding Judge: Honorable Robert Carter Olson
        Presiding Juvenile Judge: Honorable Stephen McCarville
        Nominated by: Ms. Diane McGinnis
        For Justice 2020 Goal: Strengthening the Administration of Justice

        Early Resolution    

        Limited Jurisdiction Court Category:  

        Winner: City of Tucson's Alternative to Jail Program 
        Tucson City Court and the Tucson Police Department
        Presiding Judge: Honorable Antonio Riojas, Jr.
        Nominated by:  Mr. Christopher Hale
        For Justice 2020 Goal: Maintaining a Professional Workforce and
        Improving Operational Efficiencies

        City of Tucson


        Probation: Category:

MsBarbara Broderick, Adult Probation Chief
       Superior Court in Maricopa County
       Presiding Judge: Honorable Norman Davis
       Nominated by: Mr. Marcus Reinkensmeyer
       For Justice 2020 Goal: Protecting Children, Families, and Communities

         Barbara Broderick