Arizona Judicial Branch

Judicial Branch 2012 Achievement Awards

A message from Chief Justice Rebecca White Berch

Chief Justice Rebecca W. Berch photo

Strategic planning requires a clear view of where we have been and a clear vision for the future.  As Arizona continues to celebrate excellency in the judiciary, we also reflect on how far we have come and plan to face the challenges that lie ahead. In this strategic agenda, we mark the milestones of our justice system and create a roadmap for excellence for the next five years.

In honor of those programs dedicated to following the roadmap for excellence, the Arizona Judicial Branch 2012 Achievement Awards Committee will present one award to each of the following groups:  Probation, Limited Jurisdiction Courts, General Jurisdiction Courts, Individual Achievement in Accomplishing the 2010-2015 Vision, and one At-Large Award for outstanding contributions in meeting the goals of Justice 2020 "A Vision for the Future of the Arizona Judicial Branch 2010-2015," as outlined in the Judiciary's plan for continuing to improve public trust and confidence in the Arizona court system.

Awards winners must have demonstrated substantial or creative contribution in one of the following categories as outlined in the Justice 2020 Agenda

         •  Strengthening the Administration of Justice

         •  Maintaining a Professional Workforce and Improving Operational Efficiencies

         •  Improving Communications

         •  Protecting Children, Families, and Communities

         •  Improving the Legal Profession

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