September 23, 2020: Requirements for October Remote Bar Examination Administrative Order 2020-150

August 3, 2020: For information on the October Arizona remote testing exam, please select this link.

July 27, 2020: October Arizona remote testing FAQs. Please select this link to read the document.

July 6, 2020: July 2020 Arizona UBE COVID- Related Processes and Procedures Notice. Please select this link to read the document.
July 1, 2020: Arizona Supreme Court Announces Remote Testing Option to be offered in October 2020. Select this link for more detail.

July 1, 2020 Arizona Supreme Court Announcement

June 15, 2020:  At this time, no specific state or location has been deemed restricted.  The 14 day requirement to reside in Arizona is not currently in effect.

May 15, 2020: Arizona Uniform Bar Examination July Administration Administrative Order signed by Chief Justice Brutinel, please select this link to view. 

April 7, 2020: Chief Justice Brutinel’s letter regarding July 2020 Arizona Uniform Bar Examination and new Rule 39 (c), please select this link to view. 
March 20, 2020: Arizona Attorney Admissions COVID-19 Information and Updates Regarding Applications, please select this link to view.
May 8, 2020:  Results for the February 2020 Arizona Uniform Bar Examination, click here

Note: A letter containing score information and next steps has been mailed to each February 2020 Arizona UBE examinee, at their address of record. Please allow one week for postal delivery. Once you receive your letter please read it carefully. 

If you failed to achieve a score of at least 273, please click here for more information.