Arizona Judicial Branch

Human Resources

Human resource management helps organizations achieve their mission and goals by acquiring and maintaining a productive workforce. While human resource management is typically assigned to upper-level management (i.e., HR Manager, HR Director, Court Administrator, Clerk of the Court), effective management of employees extends to middle management and to first-level supervisors. Employees who do not have supervisory responsibility also benefit from an awareness of fundamental human resources laws and concepts.

In this course, participants learn about laws that impact human resource management in courts. Participants will understand how sound human resources practices, policies, and procedures can help a court reach legal compliance and how poor attention to detail, ineffective communication and lack of follow-through can create employment issues with significant legal consequences. In addition, you will learn sound recruitment, selection and retention procedures and performance management principles that encourage a high-performance work environment. You will learn how to develop good employee relations and understand the intricacies of operating in environments having employee-interest groups and organized labor. Further, you will learn the importance of organizational development in a diverse world and the importance of human development, mentoring and succession planning.

  • To convey the importance of sound human resources practices, policies and procedures.
  • To identify key federal employment laws that impact the courthouse work environment.
  • To explore effective recruitment and selection, performance management, and employee relations principles.
  • To familiarize participants with human resources principles that encourage a high performance work environment.
  • To examine the importance of workforce development, mentoring and succession planning. 
Participants who complete this course will:
  • Explore the economic, demographic and legal issues inherent in human resources management;
  • Describe and explain how to implement management techniques for the recruitment, selection, hiring and retention of qualified employees;
  • Articulate and apply the basic principles of employee motivation and performance management; and
  • Recognize and explain how to use key management techniques for addressing employee misconduct, including taking disciplinary action, handling grievance matters and addressing conflict in the workplace.