Court of Appeals

Division One

Appellate Assistance Program

Appellate Pro Bono Pilot Program in Maricopa County

The Appellate Pro Bono Pilot Program is being implemented to ensure access to appellate justice for all persons, regardless of economic status.  The program is designed to assist pro per litigants who cannot afford legal counsel in navigating through appellate procedure and adhering to formal court requirements.  Currently the program is limited to appeals filed in this court from decisions issued by the Superior Court in Maricopa County in family law and civil cases.  This program will not provide legal services for special actions, Industrial Commission, juvenile (including parental severance), Unemployment Board or criminal matters.

Although the court is pleased to support this program, it is not responsible for any assistance or legal advice provided by lawyers participating in this program.  Also, the court does not endorse the qualifications of any lawyer participating in this program.

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