Court of Appeals

Division One

Law Clerk Openings 

Current second-year law students now may submit their applications to Division One judges for the 2016-17 year.  Division One judges will not contact applicants before June 29, 2015 to arrange interviews, and interviews will begin no earlier than July 6, 2015.   Students may apply by mail or by email.  Applications submitted by mail may be addressed to specific judges at the Court’s address, 1501 W. Washington St., Phoenix, 85007.  Students applying by email may direct their applications to   (The court’s portal will reject email attachments larger than 10 MB.)   Important:  Students applying by email should specify the particular judge or judges to whom their application materials should be forwarded.   Note that although some judges expect to begin interviewing on July 6, other judges may wait to begin the hiring process for several weeks or months.  Finally, neither Judge Maurice Portley nor Judge John Gemmill expects to hire law clerks for the 2016-17 term at this time.