Court of Appeals

Division One


Ruth Willingham was appointed as Clerk of the Court in 2011.  Prior to her appointment as Clerk, Ms. Willingham served the Court in the following capacities:

Deputy Clerk (1989–1993)
Assistant to the Clerk (1993–1995)
Chief Deputy Clerk (1995–2010)
Acting Clerk of the Court (2010-2011)

Ms. Willingham is a member of the following professional organizations:

National Conference of Appellate Court Clerks
                   Executive Committee (Current)
                              Liaison to Scholarship Committee (2013-present)
                              Liaison to Publication Committee (2013-present)
                   Scholarship Committee (2011-2013)
                   Pictorial Directory Committee (2001-2003)

Arizona Courts Association
Judicial Staff Education Committee (formerly)

In addition to her work as Clerk, Ms. Willingham also helps lead the Court's community services activities at Wilson School.