Court of Appeals

Division One

How do I change my address with the court?

All notices regarding a change of contact information (mailing address, phone number, email address, etc) must be submitted in physical form and received and processed by the Court of Appeals Clerk’s Office.  The Clerk’s Office is unable to change any information over the phone.  Please be sure to include a relevant case number(s) on any documents submitted requesting a change of contact information. 

However, please note that one request will affect all relevant cases at the Court of Appeals.


(Example: John Doe is a party to three different Court of Appeals matters: 1 CA-JV 10-0313, 1 CA-CV 10-0989, and 1 CA-IC 10-0455.  John recently moved and submitted his new address to the Court of Appeals under case number 1 CA-IC 10-0455.  After this change is processed by the Clerk’s Office, John’s new address will be available for all three of his Court of Appeals cases)