Court of Appeals

Division One

How do I file an appeal?

An appeal is initiated in by the filing of a ‘Notice of Appeal’ in the superior court that issued the order or judgment from which you are appealing from.  Please consult Arizona Rules of Civil Appellate Procedure 8 (CV, MH, TX, and HC matters), Arizona Rules of Criminal Procedure 31.2 (CR Matters), or Arizona Juvenile Court Rules of Procedure 103 (JV Matters) for the specific guidelines relating to the initiation of an appeal.

Industrial Commission (IC) matters are initiated by the filing of a ‘Petition for Special Action – Industrial Commission’, filed directly with the Court of Appeals. Please refer to the ‘Guide for Self-Represented (‘Pro Se’ or ‘Pro Per’) Parties in Worker’s Compensation Case Appeals’, located at here for further information on initiating these matters.