Court of Appeals

Division One

History of the Court

The Arizona Legislature created the Arizona Court of Appeals in 1964 to reduce the workload of the Arizona Supreme Court, which up to that point was the state’s only appellate court.  As the state's intermediate appellate court, the Court of Appeals has two divisions, Division One, based in Phoenix, and Division Two, based in Tucson. 

Division One came into existence with three judges and gradually was expanded to its current number of 16 judges as the state's population increased.  Division One decides cases from eight of Arizona's 15 counties:  Apache, Coconino, La Paz, Navajo, Maricopa, Mohave, Yavapai and Yuma.  To date, 59 men and women have served as judges on the Court.

In June 2005, the Arizona Attorney Magazine published articles recounting the Court's initial 40 years, including personal reflections and memories.  We thank the Arizona Attorney for allowing the Court to maintain links to the articles:

1965-2005 The Arizona Court of Appeals

Then and now

The Building of the State Courts Building

Judicial Memories



                                                                                          Term:                          Replaces Judge:

CAMERON, JAMES DUKE (Yuma)                        01/65-01/71                        1st Panel

STEVENS, HENRY S. (Maricopa)                           01/65-10/75                        1st Panel

DONOFRIO, FRANCIS J. (Maricopa)                      01/65-08/81                        1st Panel

HAIRE, LEVI RAY (Maricopa)                                  07/69-05/89                        2nd Panel

EUBANK, WILLIAM E. (Maricopa)                           07/69-08/92                        2nd Panel

JACOBSON, EINO M. (Yavapai)                              07/69-01/95                        2nd Panel 

CASE, WILLIBY E.(Yuma)                                        01/71-12/72                        Cameron

OGG, JACK L.(Yavapai)                                            01/73-09/85                        Case

NELSON, GARY K. (Maricopa)                                07/74-12/78                        3rd Panel

WREN, LAURANCE T. (Coconino)                         07/74-04/82                        3rd Panel

FROEB, DONALD F. (Maricopa)                              07/74-06/88                        3rd Panel

SCHROEDER, MARY M. (Maricopa)                      0/75-10/79                          Stevens

CONTRERAS, JOE W. (Maricopa)                          02/79-07/96                        Nelson

O’CONNOR, SANDRA D.(Maricopa)                      2/79-09/81                          Schroeder

CORCORAN, ROBERT J.(Maricopa)                      08/81-01/89                        Donofrio

GRANT, SARAH D. (Maricopa)                                2/81-11/99                          O’Connor

KLEINSCHMIDT, THOMAS C. (Maricopa)             05/82-01/00                        4th Panel

MEYERSON, BRUCE E.(Maricopa)                        07/82-12/86                        4th Panel

GREER, D.L. (Apache)                                              07/82-01/89                        4th Panel

BROOKS, J. THOMAS (Coconino)                          06/82-08/91                        Wren

SHELLEY, MELVYN T. (Navajo)                              10/85-08/91                        Ogg

FIDEL, NOEL (Maricopa)                                           12/86-03/02                        Meyerson

GERBER, RUDOLPH J. (Maricopa)                        09/88-05/01                        Froeb

CLABORNE, JOHN L. (Apache)                              02/89-03/95                        Greer

VOSS, EDWARD C. (Maricopa)                               04/89-12/02                        Corcoran

EHRLICH, SUSAN A. (Maricopa)                            09/89-06/08                        Haire

McGREGOR, RUTH V. (Maricopa)                          11/89-02/98                        5th Panel

LANKFORD, JEFFERSON L. (Maricopa)              11/89-06/06                        5th Panel

TAYLOR, JOHN F. (Navajo)                                      12/89-08/92                        5th Panel

GARBARINO, WILLIAM F. (Coconino)                   11/91-06/04                        Shelley

TOCI, PHILIP E. (Yavapai)                                        11/91-12/00                        Brooks

NOYES JR., E.G. (Maricopa)                                    11/92-12/02                        Eubank

WEISBERG, SHELDON H. (Mohave)                     11/92-06/11                        Taylor

SULT, JAMES B. (Yavapai)                                      05/95-08/06                        Claborne

PATTERSON JR., CECIL B. (Maricopa)                 09/95-06/03                        16th Judge

RYAN, MICHAEL D. (Maricopa)                               10/96-05/02                        Contreras 

BERCH, REBECCA WHITE (Maricopa)                 06/98-03/02                        McGregor

ACKERMAN, JAMES M. (Maricopa)                       01/00-01/01                        Grant

TIMMER, ANN A. SCOTT (Maricopa)                      03/00-11/12                        Kleinschmidt

HALL, PHILIP L. (Yuma)                                            02/01-06/13                        Toci

BARKER, DANIEL A. (Maricopa)                             07/01-12/11                        Gerber

SNOW, G. MURRAY (Maricopa)                              08/02-07/08                        Berch

IRVINE, PATRICK (Maricopa)                                  08/02-12/11                        Fidel