Court of Appeals

Division One

Oral Arguments

The files listed are the oral arguments from the past four weeks.

Each file name identifies the courtroom date and case number in that order.

CR1 or CR2" indicates courtroom 1 or courtroom 2.

04-02-2009" indicates the date of the oral argument.

CV080001" indicates the Court of Appeals case number

Please right click and download the files before attempting to play them.

To see a video of the oral argument click on “video”



CR1_09-16-2014-CV130484.mp3   video


CR1_09-10-2014_CV130263.mp3   video

CR1_09-10-2014_CV130608.mp3   video

CR1_09-10-2009_CV130101.mp3   video

CR2_09-09-2014_CV120763.mp3   video

CR2_09-09-2014_CV130567.mp3   video

CR2_09-09-2014_CV130227.mp3   video

CR2_07-23-2014_CV130428.mp3  video

CR2_07-23-2014_CV130370.mp3  video

CR2_07-22-2014_CV140272.mp3  video

CR1_07-16-2014_CV130533.mp3  video