Arizona Judicial Branch

Alternative Dispute Resolution

The Committee on Alternative Dispute Resolution was created in accordance with Administrative Order No. 91-30 and Arizona Code of Judicial Administration § 5-104, to assist the Arizona Supreme Court in the development and implementation of policies designed to improve the quality of justice, access to the courts and efficiency in court operations by promoting alternatives to traditional litigation.

Members of the committee included: at least two superior court judges; two members of the State Bar active in trial practice; a limited jurisdiction court judge; a limited jurisdiction court administrator, deputy administrator or clerk; a superior court administrator, deputy administrator or clerk of court; a public member; a representative of the court of appeals, the Attorney General’s Office and the alternative dispute resolution section of the State Bar and such other members as may be appointed by the Chief Justice.

This committee was formally disbanded on December 31, 2003, however meeting minutes are still available through this web page.