Arizona Judicial Branch

Child Support Guidelines Review Committee

photo of happy childrenPursuant to the Arizona Revised Statutes § 25-320(D), the Supreme Court shall establish guidelines for determining the amount of child support and review the guidelines at least once every four years to ensure that their application results in the determination of appropriate child support amounts.

Committee Meeting Schedule and Minutes

Final Report to AJC (3/25/2010)

Basis of an Updated Child Support Schedule for Arizona-April 14, 2009          

CSGRC Workgroups

March 25, 2010 Arizona Judicial Council Meeting Materials

June 24, 2010 Arizona Judicial Council Meeting Materials

Proposed Child Support Guidelines-Updated September 28, 2010

Basic Support Amount Income Look-up Tables for Child Support Guidelines 

Additional Documents

    Theory of Child Support by Ira Mark Ellman and Tara O'Toole Ellman - Final as Published