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Electronic Records Retention and Destruction

Committee Information:

The Advisory Committee to Develop Policies for Retention, Destruction, and Access to Electronic Court Records was established by Arizona Supreme Court Administrative Order 2013-33 and 2013-41 to examine and make recommendations on the following: (1) When the minimum retention period has been met under existing retention schedules, is destruction of electronic case documents and data mandatory or permissive, (2) Given that it is easier to systematically destroy electronic records, are the current records retention time periods adequate, (3) Should policies regarding the length of time case documents and data are made available to the public online be consistent across court levels and from court to court within the same level, and (4) Once the retention period is reached, should originals or copies of documents or data be retained for purposes of government research and analysis and, if so, should those records continue to be publicly available or released only pursuant to court order?  The Committee will report its recommendations to the Arizona Judicial Council at the Council's December 2013 meeting.

Final Report of the Advisory Committee to Develop Policies for Retention, Destruction, and Access to Electronic Court Records


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Documents and Materials 

December 6, 2013                 1.   Agenda
    2.   Draft Minutes from December 6, 2013 Meeting
November 22, 2013     1.    Agenda
    2.    Draft Minutes from October 31, 2013, Meeting

October 31, 2013

    1.    Agenda
    2.    Minutes from October 1, 2013, Meeting

October 1, 2013     

 Meeting packet is available by clicking here.
    2.    Minutes from September 9, 2013, Meeting    
Civil Traffic Case Record Retention Options          

September 9, 2013         

    1.    Agenda
    2.    Minutes from July 30, 2013, Meeting

July 30, 2013

 Meeting packet is available by clicking here.    
Minutes from June 14, 2013, Meeting
Rule 29, Rules of the Supreme Court of Arizona
    4.    Guide to Judiciary Policy
    5.    Record Retention Manual (Colorado) 
    History of Arizona Trial Court Records Retention Schedules
    Retention Schedules with Minimum and Maximum Periods
    Common Public Access Complaints
    Additional Elements of the Cost of Digital Preservation
    Considerations in the Cost of Electronic Document Storage

June 14, 2013       

    1.  Agenda
    2.  Minutes from April 30, 2013, Meeting

April 30, 2013

    1.  Agenda
    2.  Examples of Electronic Document and Data Issues       
E-mails from Committee Members    
A Trend in Courts: Moving from Analog to Digital Records PowerPoint
    5.  History of Policy Development PowerPoint

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