Arizona Judicial Branch



The Court Services Division of the Administrative Office of the Courts staffs the following Committees and Commissions:
Ad Hoc Custody Workgroup  Commission on Victims in the Courts Complex Civil Litigation Court Evaluation
Capital Case Oversight Committee Committee on Limited Jurisdiction Courts Criminal Rules Video-Conference Advisory Committee
Child Support Committee Committee on Superior Court Domestic Relations Committee    
Child Support Guidelines Review Committee  Committee on the Impact of DV and the Courts Keeping the Record Committee    
Civil Rules of Procedure for LJ Courts Committee on the Impact of Wireless Mobile Technologies and Social Media on Court Proceedings Rule 123 and Data Dissemination Advisory Committee
Commission on Minorities in the Judiciary Committee to Study Interpreter Issues Rules of Procedure for Domestic Relations Cases
     Steering Committee on Arizona
 Case Processing Standards

If, due to a disability, you need special accommodations for your attendance at any of the above meetings, please contact the Court Services Division at the Arizona Supreme Court, 1501 W. Washington, Suite 410, Phoenix, Arizona 85007, 602/452-3358.

Requests should be made as early as possible to allow time to arrange accommodations.  TDD/TTY: 602/452-3545.