Arizona Judicial Branch

Keeping the Record Committee

The Keeping the Record Committee was established to review current methods used for keeping the record of judicial proceedings and conduct a comprehensive review of relevant state statutes, court rules and administrative code sections for modernization to ensure that certified court reporter resources are utilized effectively, efficiently and appropriately.

Final Report - December 2005

A.O. 2003-104

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December 2004 Interim Report to the Arizona Judicial Council

Arizona Manual of Transcript Procedure 

ACJA 1-602: Digital Recording of Court Proceedings 

Attorney/Party Instructions 


 Keeping the Record Committee
Final Report


Final Report
Appendix A Administrative Order No. 2003-104
Appendix B Bibliography
Appendix C Statutory amendments
Appendix D Rule amendments
Appendix E New rule governing use of court reporting resources
Appendix F Amendments relating to videotaping depositions
Appendix G New rule governing transcription
Appendix H Digital recording standards
Appendix I Specifications for transcription services contracts and model RFP
Appendix J Arizona Manual of Transcript Procedures
Appendix K E-courtroom guidelines for practitioners and parties
Appendix L Minority position statements regarding the court reporting resource rule proposal