Task Force on Countering Disinformation

The Task Force on Countering Disinformation was established by Administrative Order No. 2019-114 to study and make recommendations as follows:

  • Review examples of disinformation and misleading campaigns targeting the U.S. and Arizona justice systems;
  • Consider the need for local and national responses and information sharing related to disinformation and ways to communicate accurate information;
  • Consider a centralized point of contact to assist in identifying disinformation and having it removed while respecting individual opinions and First Amendment rights;
  • Consider state or local legislation that would require foreign agents to identify their content to the public;
  • Propose approaches to public education and communication that accurately reflect the roles and processes of courts;
  • Suggest technology and resources that can identify disinformation campaigns early enough to counter them with accurate information;
  • Identify public and private individuals and organizations that could share information to identify disinformation and respond with accurate information