Defensive Driving

School and Instructor Certification Information

Congratulations on your decision to join the team of elite professionals which make up the Defensive Driving School organization in Arizona.

The following documentation provides information about starting an Arizona certified defensive driving school and/or becoming a certified defensive driving instructor.  Please read all materials before completing an application. The applications are form-fill documents which require you to open the documents, complete the forms online and print them out to send in to the Arizona Supreme Court, along with any required attachments.  You cannot submit these forms electronically.

PLEASE NOTE:  The Certification and Licensing Division of the Arizona Supreme Court will not accept any handwritten applications.  Please send any of the informational documents in with your applications.


For more information on the court consolidation, please click here.

January 8, 2014
1:30 pm - 2:30 pm
Room 109 
1501 W. Washington St
Phoenix, AZ 85007

This is a special meeting to clarify the Seven Day Rule as it applies to the school owners and their staff.

The number and instructions for dialing in will be provided a few days before the meeting.  Due to phone line availability, we ask that only one representative call in from each school.


New School Certification Information and Application

Initial Application for Business Certification
ADM for current Certified Schools
Application Addendum for Initital application-ADM Schools

Instructor Certification Information and Application
* You must pass examination before applying for certification*
Initial Application for Instructor Certification 
2014 Examination Schedule
Study Guide
Police Instructor Waiver 

School Complaint Form
Download the Complaint Form for a Defensive Driving School 

Initial Application for Instructor Certification    the Complaint Form for a Defensive Driving School 

List of Certified Schools
Click Here to view a comprehensive list of all Defensive Driving Schools available in Arizona.
Reference Documents
Administrative Order No. 2011-70 
ADA Toolkit: Chapter 1, Statutes & Regulations
Firearms in the Classroom
Title 28 Legislative Update 2011

Administrative Order 2013-13 Affecting ACJA 7-205 On 1-30-2013
Click here to view


ACJA 7-201
ACJA 7-205 Effective 1-30-2013 
Administrative Orders 
ARS Sections