Court Security Officer Training

Administrative Order 2020-04 (replacing AO 2019-105) implementing ACJA section 5-304 requires current CSOs to complete Training and become certified by 12/31/2020. CSOs hired after 9/11/2019 must complete training and become certified within 90 days of hire.

  • Security contractors are not permitted to attend the Academy at this time.
  • Currently sworn AZPOST-certified law enforcement officers who are performing court security functions are not required to attend the Academy (unless they are employed by the court).

Administrative Directive 2019-11 establishes the CSO Academy curriculum and the authority to administer training and certification within the Administrative Office of the Courts. Under this authority, the AOC Education Services Division has established policies to govern certain aspects of the program:


 LinkIcon CSO Academy Examination Policy (10/1/2019) 
 LinkIcon CSO Academy Attendance Policy (10/1/2019) 
 LinkIcon CSO Instructor Policy (12/10/19)
 LinkIcon CSO Computer Based Training (5/14/20)


 LinkIcon Court Security Officer Request for Certification
 LinkIcon Armed CSO PJ Requirements Form (Appendix A)
 LinkIcon Armed CSO Conditions of Arming Form (Appendix B)

Court Security Officer Academy

Officers complete 6 computer-based courses online before attending a 5-day in-person Academy held in Phoenix. The AOC will provide lodging for officers traveling a distance to attend the Academy. Registration is currently open for the following courses: 

Court Security Officer Firearms Academy (CSOFA)

Administrative Order 2020-06 implementing ACJA 5-306 requires all currently-armed CSOs to complete the CSO Academy and CSO Firearms Academy before December 31, 2020.  Successful completion of the Court Security Officer Academy (CSOA) or current AZ CSO certification is required prior to attendance at any Court Security Officer Firearms Academy.  Please note that registration is first come, first served and must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the training date.  You will be notified via email if your seat has successfully been reserved or if the class is full and need select a different date to attend.

Confirmed CSOFA Dates/locations:
October 20-23, 2020 - Florence, AZ (Closed)
November 3-6, 2020 - Florence, AZ (Closed)
December 1-4, 2020 - Florence, AZ  (Full/wait-list optional)
December 15-18, 2020 - Florence, AZ (Full/wait-list optional)

Please send completed registration form via email to Donna Lopez,


Tentative 2021 CSOFA Dates/Locations: The following dates are contingent upon range availability and will be shifted to the confirmed list above when the range schedule is finalized and hotel accommodations are secured.  Please hold off on submitting applications for the tentative dates until they are moved to the confirmed list above.
January 12-15, 2021 - Florence
February 2-5, 2021 - Florence
February 23-26, 2021 - Florence
March 23-26, 2021 - Florence
April 20-23, 2021 - Florence