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Staff Training

The Judicial Staff Education Committee's (JSEC) work includes development of suggested curricula for 17 major job categories of court personnel, required curricula for all court personnel in five major categories (the Arizona Court System, Customer Service, Communication, Current Issues, and Local Court Issues), a suggested tracking system for managers and coordinators, and the annual presentation of eight statewide broadcasts and three regional 3-day conferences dedicated to the needs of court personnel.

The JSEC has five Standing Subcommittees.
These are:

  1. New Employee Orientation which oversees the continuing development and delivery of a cohesive orientation program for all court employees. Delivery may be by broadcast, local and/or regional in-house programs, or self-paced study;
  2. Core Curriculum which oversees the development and delivery of the five required curricula mandated by Administrative Order 99-08. The subcommittee ensures that the changing needs and demands of the court and its employees are addressed annually in the five areas;
  3. Conference/Broadcast Planning which works closely with the Education Services Division staff to plan and implement the three regional judicial staff conferences held each year, as well as scheduled broadcasts that are related to judicial staff training and education;
  4. Alternative Delivery which explores alternate modes of instructional design, implementation and delivery; and,
  5. Trainer Recognition Subcommittee which provides position recognition to judicial staff and those outside the court family who volunteer as trainers and who have demonstrated their dedication and commitment to excellence in their service to the courts and their community.


The Judicial Staff Education Committee is responsible for the following:

  1. Submit on-going recommendations to COJET regarding the quality of training and education programs for all non-judge, non-probation officer judicial employees.
  2. Promote consistent education for all non-judge, non-probation officer judicial employees.
  3. Work with staff to evaluate the continuing educational needs of all non-judge, non-probation officer judicial employees.
  4. Work with staff to provide quality education opportunities for all non-judge, non- probation officer judicial employees.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Judicial Staff Education Committee (JSEC) is to support the mission of the Committee on Judicial Education and Training (COJET) by providing recommendations concerning continuing education for all non-judge personnel. The focus of the JSEC includes on-going assessment, design, development, delivery and evaluation ensuring consistency, quality, and equal representation of educational programs for all non-judge personnel.


  1. To submit on-going recommendations to COJET.
  2. To promote consistent education for all non-judge personnel.
  3. To evaluate the continuing educational needs of all non-judge personnel.
  4. To provide quality education planning for all non-judge personnel.
  5. To provide educational opportunities for all non-judge personnel.
  6. To maintain its broad-based membership representative of all non-judge job categories.


The committee administrates the following programs:

  • JSEC Broadcasts
  • Annual Training Coordinator Conferences

JSEC 2012 Membership Roster 

JSEC Meetings

This page contains the information for the upcoming JSEC meeting, meeting minutes from past JSEC meetings and the current membership list. If you wish to attend the meeting or modify your attendance status press the Attend button. All meetings are held at the Judicial Education Center (JEC) and are generally scheduled from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. unless otherwise announced.  Thank you.




Date/Time Friday, October 10, 2014, 10:00 AM to 12:00PM

Judicial Education Center, 541 E. Van Buren St., Suite B-4, Turquoise and Silver Rooms

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