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 Please Note: Centra is not available to non-court staff. Some links may not work for outside users.

The Administrative Office of the Courts is excited to provide an opportunity for court employees to participate in live, interactive E-Learning through the intranet. This real-time E-learning is presented using a Centra software user account, a computer and headset and a connection to the Arizona Judicial Information Network (AJIN).

What is Centra?

Centra software enables the Arizona Supreme Court to bring together faculty and court users in a virtual classroom to interact with each other to learn judicial information such as business process and court automation functionality.  Centra has been used mostly for teaching the AZTEC court automation system and Training Coordinator Training, but Centra's cost effectiveness and functionality is luring many other classes and users.  We expect Centra training to explode in the near future.

The virtual classroom works much like a traditional classroom. A presenter will lead participants through instructional material using special features that provide participants with "hands-on" participation. Centra contains features that allow the presenter and participants to view PowerPoint presentations, share applications and navigate through web pages. Participants will have the capability to speak among the class using a headset or by using a chat room feature.

Who currently has access to Centra classes?

All courts that subscribe to AJIN (Arizona Judicial Information Network) have access to Centra classes. Due to internet security issues, the Centra server is located behind firewalls that protect the Centra server from unauthorized access via the world wide web.

Is there any additional equipment necessary to participate in a Centra class?

Besides an employee's computer at work, the only equipment necessary to participate in a Centra class is a headset with a boom microphone. Several headsets have been purchased and distributed to ACAP (Arizona Courts Automation Project) Courts. If you work in an ACAP court, contact your local training coordinator to inquire about using a previously purchased headset to participate in a Centra class. Any working headset with a boom microphone will do. If you do not have access to a headset with a boom microphone, this is the recommended headset model based on functionality, access (Office Depot will ship from their warehouse) and cost.

Headsets for use with Centra can be ordered by calling 1-800-707-5779. We recommend the NC-95 headset. You may view the headset information at

Who Should Register for a User Account?

Court employees interested in viewing a list of scheduled Centra events and participating in a Centra class should create a user account by clicking on this link.

For a copy of the Centra Quick Guide CLICK HERE. You may want to right-click and select "Save Target", as the file is fairly large and may not download through slower internet connections.


If you have questions about Centra, the Quick Guide or to obtain a user account, please contact: the Education Services Divison at (602) 452-3060


Instructions for Obtaining a Centra User Account

When obtaining a user account and downloading the Centra software, it is best to wait until "non-business hours" to ensure downloading takes the minimum amount of time. Please follow the instructions below when you are ready to create a user account and download Centra.

    1. Make sure all applications running on your computer are closed.
    2. Open Internet Explorer. Type in the following URL address: http://supreme15/main/index.jhtml, then hit enter on your keyboard.
    3. Under REGISTER, click Create.
    4. Click Yes on the Security Alert pop-up screen.
    5. Click Yes on the Internet Restriction pop-up screen.
    6. Complete the Create New User Account and click Submit.
    7. Click Install to install symposium client software on your machine including conference appshow capability.
    8. Click Accept the User License Agreement when you are prompted to do so.
    9. Click Yes at the next screen (prompt, do you want to install & run Centra Installer).
    10. When the program asks you where you want to install the application, choose the default directory and install to C:\Program\Files\Centra
    11. The downloading process will begin and will apprize you of completion progress.
    12. You will see a message advising you to wait while the smart client verifies your installation.
    13. You will be told that the system needs to reboot and will be asked if you want to reboot the system now. Click Yes.
    14. Click Yes on the Security Alert pop-up screen.
    15. Click Yes on the Internet Restriction pop-up screen.
    16. Once the system reboots, you will need to log back into your computer.
    17. To launch Centra, open Internet Explorer and type in the following URL address: http://supreme15/main/index.jhtml, then hit enter on your keyboard.
    18. Instructions for Audio connection will be given to courts after an employee has registered for a class.