Arizona Judicial Branch

Court Improvement Program

The Court Improvement Program is designed to assess and improve court proceedings regarding foster care and adoption and to help maintain the focus on a child's safety, permanency and well-being. The Omnibus Budget and Reconciliation Act of 1993 made grant funding available to all states for use in improving their juvenile justice systems.  The grants were designed in recognition of the overwhelming pressures on juvenile courts including:

  • rapidly escalating judicial caseloads;
  • more difficult cases; and
  • growing complexity of the litigation itself.

The funding was designed to first enable state court systems to carry out an accurate assessment of their functioning, and then to develop and implement a plan that insures that both the spirit and the letter of recent reforms are in place for children.

Certified Child Welfare Law Specialists – A First for Arizona

Fourteen Arizona attorneys were recently certified as Child Welfare Law Specialists.  Offered by the National Association of Counsel for Children (NACC) and recognized by the State Bar of Arizona, this certification acknowledges their significant experience and knowledge of the child welfare process. Court Improvement is proud to support these attorneys as they raise the bar for child welfare representation! 

Article - Certified Child Welfare Law Specialist

June is National Reunification Month

One of the major parts of this celebration is highlighting Reunification Heroes. We are seeking nominations of parents, professionals and youth that have made heroic reunification efforts. A number of nominees will have their stories written up and published on the website. We hope that these stories can celebrate these important individuals and also bring positive attention to the successes of child welfare, promote quality practices and lead to constructive discussions about systemic needs.

Nominate a Reunification Hero