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The Dependency User's Group meets quarterly to discuss the data needs of dependency courts throughout the state. This page intends to provide DUG members with useful information.

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For all data requests, please contact your JOLTS Coordinator to complete the necessary paperwork. 

The next DUG meeting will be on April 17, 2015 at 10:00 am

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FAQ Dependency JOLTS data entry

Q: How do you enter a petition that has a reactivated child and two supplemental children?
A: There is not a consistent data entry method between counties. This may be entered as a Motion hearing, an Evidentiary hearing, Status hearing, or Placement Hearing.

Q: What date do I use for the adult findings?
A: The date the parent states their position (admit, deny/submit, etc.)

Q: What is the date associated with a “Dependency Found” event or “Dependency Dismissed” event?A: “Dependency Dismissed” date is the date the entire dependency is dismissed.
In Yuma, Mohave, and Yavapai, the “Dependency Found” date is the date the child is declared dependent as to the first parent.
In La Paz, Maricopa, Apache, Pinal, Coconino, Gila, Santa Cruz, and Cochise the “Dependency Found” date is the date the child is adjudicated dependency as to all parents.

Q: How do you enter adult findings when parents are deceased?
A: The Court cannot remove a parent as a party to the case until there is proof of death. The AAG can enter a motion to dismiss parents as parties to the dependency, or the judge can order to dismiss the case based on the finding that the parents are deceased. If there are no allegations in the petition because the parents are believed to be deceased, they do not have to be entered as a party to the case; if they are entered, it should be noted that they are deceased by choosing the relationship type as mother-deceased and father-deceased. When the court finds the children dependency, the event and phase can be changed, but there still would not be adult findings.