Arizona Judicial Branch

  SPEP Advisors

JJSD consults with a team of national experts, under the direction of Dr. Mark Lipsey and Dr. James "Buddy" Howell to assist with the SPEP process in Arizona.

Mark W. Lipsey, Ph.D.     
Dr. Lipsey is the Director of the Peabody Research Institute Vanderbilt University.  His professional interest are in the areas of

  • public policy,
  • program evaluation research,
  • social intervention, field research methodology,
  • and research synthesis (meta-analysis).

Topics of his recent research include risk and intervention for juvenile delinquency and substance use and issues of methodological quality in program evaluation.  For more than 20 years Professor Lipsey has conducted research and systematic review aimed at identifying effective programs for juvenile offenders and the characteristics that make them effective.  This research has been supported by major funding from federal agencies and private foundations and recognized with awards from, among others, the American Probation and Parole Association, the Society of Prevention Research and the American Evaluation Association.

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James C. (Buddy) Howell, Ph.D. 
Dr. Howell, Ph.D., worked at the federal Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP), in the U.S. Department of Justice for 21 years, mostly as Director of Research and Program Development.  He currently is a Senior Research Associate with the National Youth Gang Center in Tallahassee, FL and a Criminologist, residing in North Carolina. While employed at OJJDP, Buddy co-authored with John Wilson the "Comprehensive Strategy for Serious, Violent, and Chronic Juvenile Offenders," which has been implemented in a number of states and cities.

In addition to numerous journal articles, chapters, and other publications on juvenile justice and youth gangs, Buddy has authored or co-authored four books and his most recent one is titled Preventing and Reducing Juvenile Delinquency: A Comprehensive Framework (2003, Sage Publications). He actively assists state and local agencies in evaluating and improving their juvenile justice systems using the Comprehensive Strategy framework, basic research, and evidence-based program services.

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Darin Carver, M.S.W. 
Mr. Carver has worked extensively over the past 15 years as a therapist, trainer and consultant.  His primary focus has been working with delinquent and troubled teens in a variety of settings.

He is currently the Program Administrator of several highly recognized juvenile justice treatment programs within the State of Utah.  Most recently his program, Project Empower, was selected to receive the American Probation and Parole 2007 President's Award.  Darin was also awarded the Utah Troubled Youth Advocate Award in 2003 and has published several professional articles on juvenile justice, mental health and substance abuse related topics.

He also the President of Moral Environment Training Associates, L.L.C. He continues to train and consult nationally. His clinical experience as well as his capacity to reach out to different audiences generates both interesting and practical workshops.