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Contract Compliance Evaluation


The Contract Compliance Evaluation (CCE) is a desk-audit utilized to complete a document review of those Contractors who have a contract with the Administrative Offices of the Courts (AOC) to provide treatment services to youth funded by the AOC. The CCE represents a routine monitoring of the contractor's services to verify compliance with the AOC Standard Terms & Conditions for Full Procurement Agencies or Independent Practitioners, unique special contract conditions, and applicable service specifications.

In accordance with Paragraph 15 of the AOC Standard Terms & Conditions, the ASC/AOC, federal or state auditors and any other persons duly authorized by the ASC/AOC shall have full access to, and the right to inspect, copy and make use of, any and all records pertaining to the services under AOC contract.


In order to access the correct CCE forms select the links under Full Procurement or Independent Practitioner (whichever applies to you as identified at the top of Page 1 of your contract) and complete the forms specified on your CCE advisement letter. The CCE forms are located at the bottom of the instructions; please read all instructions before selecting and opening forms.

Immediately upon opening a form save the document and save periodically as information is entered to ensure data is not lost. Text boxes throughout each of the forms will auto adjust to accommodate the length of text inserted.

Provide one paper copy of the completed forms and other requested materials to the ASC/AOC by the date identified on the letter previously mailed to you. You are encouraged to maintain a copy of each completed form for your records.

To facilitate the Contract Compliance Evaluation (CCE), the following information and documentation must be submitted via postal service or hand-delivery to the ASC/AOC by the date indicated on the CCE advisement letter. (DO NOT email documents as the AOC does not have a secured server and client confidentiality cannot be assured.)

1.  The completed CCE for Full Procurement or Independent Practitioner form (accessed on-line);

2.  The completed CCE Supplemental Information form (accessed on-line) that identifies all employees, non-employees, temporary staff, volunteers, and interns who do or may provide services under AOC contract;

3.  The Contractor Confirmation form (sent with the CCE advisement letter) which is initialed, signed and dated by the Contractor's authorized representative;

4.  The requested personnel documents identified on the Supplemental Information form, including:

a.   copy of current, signed job description for each person identified on form;

b.   copy of diploma or official transcript of highest degree earned for each identified person; and

c.   copies of most recent three months of supervision notes for each identified person not independently licensed

5.  Copies of specified Policies and Procedures (see CCE form);

6.  A complete copy of each requested client case file (inclusive of service authorization, clinical, direct care, and medical records; and incident reports as applicable). DO NOT submit original client records; and 

7.  For Delinquency Prevention Programs, copies of pre-and post-tests and signed attendance sheets for each date of service for each requested client case file.

Please direct your questions to: Contracts & Monitoring Program Manager Holli Sanger-Alarco at (602) 452-3246 or Thank you for your cooperation with the evaluation process and your continued service to Arizona youth and families.

Full Procurement Contractor

Independent Practitioner  

Contract Compliance Evaluation Form for FP  Contract Compliance Evaluation Form for IP 
Supplemental Information Form  Supplemental Information Form 
CCE Form for DPP/Intervention & Education Svcs CCE Form for DPP/Intervention & Education Svcs
CCE Form for Eval and Diagnosis CCE Form for Eval and Diagnosis