Arizona Judicial Branch

  ADMINISTRATIVE DIRECTIVE NO. 2016-03: Re-establishes the Juvenile Detention Operations Standards Advisory Committee and Appointment of Members.
  ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER 2012-25: Appointments made to Juvenile Detention Operations Standards Advisory Committee
 State of Arizona Juvenile Detention Standards State of Arizona Juvenile Detention Standards (Revised April 20, 2011)
 Operational Review

Operational Guidelines & Best Practices for Juvenile Detention Care in Arizona

ABSTRACT: The operational guidelines represent minimum standards that should be in place and serve as the philosophical foundation for the delivery of quality secure care services. Juvenile detention, as a service industry, is changing - changing from a custodial model to one with a focus on programming for juveniles under the direct supervision model.

 Auditor Report

ABSTRACT: The Office of the Auditor General has conducted a performance audit of the Arizona Supreme Court, Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) Juvenile Detention Centers pursuant to A.R.S. 41-2958, which requires a review of the programs and commissions established by the Legislature within the judiciary...Read More

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  ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER 2009-72: Appointments Made to the Juvenile Detention Task Force. 
 JDTF Admin Order ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER 2008-17: Establishment of the Juvenile Detention Task Force.