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Interested Vendor Information and Registration

The Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) Juvenile Justice Services Division (JJSD)of the Arizona Supreme Court  contracts for the full continuum of juvenile treatment and diversion services on behalf of the county juvenile probation departments. Adult probation departments may also access services under contract for transferred youth on adult probation. There are three steps to the registration process.

Step 1:

For contract purposes, the AOC/JJSD categorize vendors as either an Independent Practitioner or Full Procurement Agency, please review the description for each listed below and identify which category represents you:

Independent Practitioner

Definition: Independent Practitioners shall be considered one of the following:
  • A Sole proprietor
  • A partnership of any legal type where one or both partners are the proposed service delivery professionals.

If you are part of an Independent Practice Assocaition, the AOC/JJSD will not contract for services with the association, but will consider each qualified invididual independently when his/her application is submitted accordingly.

Any vendor contracted as an Independent Practitioner may not subcontract any contracted service to another party. Please note that support staff, medical billing staff or other like personnel, whether employees or subcontract personnel. DO NOT affect the legal organization of a sole proprietor or partnership for contract purposes.

Full Procurement Agency

Definition: A Full Procurement Agency shall be considered:

  • A business licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) Office of Behavioral Health Licensure or the Arizona Department of Economic Security (ADES) Office of Certification, Licensing and Regulation.
  • An individual, partnership or corporate structure which desires to use subcontractors and/or bona fide employees to perform service delivery.

Pre-Qualification Requirement

A business organization that fits under the "Full Procurement Agency" designation must be administratively qualified to respond to an AOC/JJSD Solicitation or submit any application with regards to service provision. The AOC/JJSD will consider a "Full Procurement Agency" administratively qualified if they meet any one of the following national accreditations listed below or if they successfully complete the AOC/JJSD pre-qualification process.

National Accreditations

  • The Joint Commission
  • Council on Accreditation (COA)
  • Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF)

Please Note: Laboratories and Acute Care Hospitals are not required to be administratively qualified. Please see corresponding service specifications for licensure/certification requirements.

Step 2:

This step applies to those vendors that meet the "Full Procurement Agency" criteria listed above in Step 1. If you are an interested vendor and meet the criteria for an "Independent Practitioner" please proceed to Step 3.

  • Vendors that are not nationally accredited must complete and submit an AOC Pre-Qualification Application to the AOC within 45 days of registering as an Interested Vendor. You may access the AOC Pre-Qualification Application in Portable Document Format (PDF) via the below link. Please save a copy of the document to your computer and proceed to Step 3 to complete the Interested Vendor Registration process.

        Pre-Qualification Application

  • Vendors that are nationally accredited by Joint Commission, COA, or CARF are not required to complete the AOC Pre-Qualification Application process; however, documentation of accreditation must be faxed to the AOC within 48 hours of submitting interested vendor registration. Please fax documentation of accreditation to Attn: Contracts Unit at (602) 452-3879 and clearly indicate on the fax cover sheet "Interested Vendor Accreditation Documentation".

Vendors that are approved through the AOC pre-qualification process and/or provide documentation of accreditation will receive notification of upcoming solicitation opportunities, after completing interested vendor registration.

Step 3:

Please be advised that Interested Vendor Registration is not a formal application process for contract consideration. Vendors who complete the Interested Vendor Registration are placed on a mailing list for notification of upcoming solicitation and/or contracting opportunities. Please complete the last step in the Interested Vendor Registration process by clicking the "Registration" button below. Thank you for your interest in serving the children and families involved in the Arizona Juvenile Court System.


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