Maricopa County Voters Only

Hon. Sherry K. Stephens
Maricopa County Superior Court

Bench: Criminal

Appointed: 2001
100% of the Commission Voted Judge Stephens
MEETS Judicial Performance Standards
30 Commissioners Voted 'Meets'
0 Commissioners Voted 'Does Not Meet'
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2012Attorney Surveys
Distributed: 319
Returned: 49
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Juror Surveys
Distributed: 39
Returned: 25
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Distributed: 89
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 Legal Ability 95%n/an/a
 Integrity 99%100%100%
 Communication Skills 98%99%96%
 Temperament 98%100%100%
 Admin Performance 96%96%98%
 Settlement Activities 97%n/an/a
FOOTNOTE: The score is the percentage of all evaluators who rated the judge "satisfactory", "very good", or "superior" in each of the Commission's evaluation categories. Depending on the assignment, a judge may not have responses in certain categories, indicated by N/A (for example, some judicial assignments do not require jury trials). The JPR Commission votes "Yes" or "No" on whether a judge "MEETS" Judicial Performance Standards, based on the statistical information, as well as any other information submitted by the public or the judge. Further information on the judges and justices can be found at each court's website.