Arizona Judicial Branch

Improving Communications

Goal 3: Improving Communications


Goal 3: Improving Communications

Public confidence in the judicial system is fostered by understanding the work of the courts. In recent years, the Arizona Judiciary has increased its efforts to educate the public through seminars, outreach programs, and publications. As the public comes to rely on technology to conduct business and obtain information, the Judicial Branch must continue to adapt how it interacts and communicates with the public.

Although the method of delivery is important, the content of communications is more so. Court communications must convey timely, relevant, and meaningful information to court system employees and volunteers, members of the public attempting to access the courts, justice system partners working in collaboration with the courts, and funding entities allocating scarce resources. In every circumstance, success depends upon timely communication of clear, concise information.

3A With the Public

Online resources, such as web pages and social networking tools, are shaping how members of the public interact with their communities, elected officials, and government. Courts must develop and deploy a communication strategy that appropriately incorporates these new technologies.

Action Plan

  • Employ technology to enhance communications within the courts and with the public:
    • Redesign and update the Supreme Court’s Website,
    • Consider use of new social networking tools, and
    • Increase use of video conferencing, webinars, internet meetings, and webcasts.
  • Educate the public and key stakeholder groups on the importance of the rule of law and impartial, high quality courts:
    • Produce a statewide Law Day program,
    • Maintain Law for Seniors and Law for Kids, and produce similar programs, and
    • Maintain and help implement civic education programs such as “We the People.”
  • Enhance communication with minority and local bar associations and communities.
  • Identify opportunities to enhance understanding of the role of the courts and Judicial Performance Review.

3B With Other Branches of Government and Justice System Partners

Clear and effective communication with other branches of government is essential to the work and success of the courts. The Judicial Branch must also communicate and coordinate with key stakeholders to enhance their understanding of the Judicial Branch’s responsibilities and to assist in carrying out Judicial Branch functions. The Court seeks to improve business relations and promote new partnerships.

Action Plan 

  • Maintain and improve communications with other branches of government, communities, agencies, and stakeholders.
  • Seek opportunities to work with local and national bar associations, legal services organizations, and other community organizations to partner on appropriate projects.