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Arizona’s Judicial Branch is responsible for the administration of the courts in the state of Arizona. The branch consists of the Arizona Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals, Superior Courts, Municipal Courts, and Justice Courts.

The judiciary is a separate, co-equal branch of government. The purpose of the courts is to resolve disputes. Resolving disputes can take several different forms, including alternative dispute resolution and diversion programs. The work of the courts has a major impact on the lives of all citizens. Court decisions impact every area of life. Arizona courts handle more than two million filings per year.

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Arizona Rules of Court

Arizona courts strive to be efficient, accountable and transparent when communicating with the community and the media.

Attention Print and Broadcast Media:  Please carefully review the information about the use of recording devices in a courtroom.  For a variety of reasons, advance notification is required before court proceedings may be recorded for broadcast.  One main reason is so the parties, including any victims, may be notified in advance.  We also want to ensure that we meet your technical needs by arranging a location for your equipment and any necessary connections to our audio systems.

If you plan to cover a trial or hearing in any Arizona Superior Court, please work through that court's communication office or court administrator.  

For the Arizona Supreme Court, please make advance arrangements through Heather Murphy, Communications Director, at 602-452-3656 or