Arizona Judicial Branch

ACS 2014 Graduates

The first graduating class of the Arizona Court Leadership Institute of Arizona’s (CLIA) Arizona Court Supervisor (ACS) program received certificates at a ceremony on March 26, 2014.  Upon successful completion of the course requirements which culminated with the Arizona Capstone session, 41 court employees earned their ACS certificate.  

The ceremony was held at the Arizona Supreme Court’s Judicial Education Center. Meet the graduates here

The Leadership Institute (CLIA) conducts a three tiered leadership development program reaching supervisors, managers and executives.  The Arizona Court Supervisor program, the first tier, targets frontline court and probation department supervisors, or new supervisors and managers in the court system.  This program enables supervisors to complete supervisory training at their own pace through online courses, webinars, and face-to face classes held throughout the year at the Education Services Division, Judicial Education Center in Phoenix. 

Acceptance into the program, requires an approved application.  There is no fee to attend these classes, however, travel expenses are the responsibility of the individual and their court.