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Cradle to Crayons


The court community came together to celebrate the open house of the new Maricopa County Child Welfare Center and the Cradle to Crayons program located at 3445 W. Durango Street in Phoenix.

The Center is located in a former juvenile drug-treatment facility near the Durango Juvenile Court Center and heard its first court case earlier this year.


The mission of the Maricopa County Cradle to Crayons Child Welfare Center is for the removal of barriers for the purpose of integrated service delivery and expedited permanency for infants, young children and their families.

The Cradle to Crayons (C2C) program is a collaborated effort to improve the outcomes of the most vulnerable population of children, zero to three-years old while helping to transition them through the foster-care system more efficiently and quickly while focusing on the developmental needs of the child and the rehabilitation the parent(s).  The child-welfare center serves as a central location for supervised visitations, counseling, substance-abuse treatment, and early education.

C2C directly addresses the co-occurrence of child maltreatment, substance abuse, domestic violence, and parental mental illness with the implementation of a comprehensive approach to enable courts to address the needs of abused and neglected infants and toddlers.

The C2C initiative started as a collaborative project, led by the Juvenile Court, who has facilitated an in-depth planning process to design a program by using evidenced-based practices. 

To learn more about the C2C Program and how the program can help you as a CPS worker, attorney, parent, or as a community member or provider, please download the brochure here.

For more information contact:

Superior Court of Arizona in Maricopa County
Juvenile Court
Cradle to Crayons Child Welfare Center
3445 W. Durango St. 
Phoenix, AZ  85009