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Justice Timmer Receives High Honor

Justice Timmer Receives High Honor from  Arizona Women Lawyers Association

PHOENIX – The Arizona Women Lawyers Association will honor Arizona Supreme Court Justice Ann A. Scott Timmer with the Sarah Herring Sorin Award at a breakfast on Friday, June 13.  The Sorin Award honors Justice Timmer’s demonstrated support and encouragement for the advancement of women in the legal profession.  

“I learned about Sarah Herring Sorin and her remarkable career when I was a newly minted attorney.  Although I was one of many women attorneys when I entered the practice, Ms. Sorin was the first and only woman attorney working in the male-dominated mining industry during Arizona’s territorial days.  To thrive in that environment, she must have had great strength of character and determination.  As such, not only was she a trailblazer for Arizona women, she remains an inspiration to all Arizona men and women who tackle new challenges,” Justice Timmer said.  “I am moved and grateful to receive an award named for Ms. Sorin, and I am especially honored to follow in the footsteps of the past awardees, all of whom I know and admire.  I thank AWLA for this tremendous honor.”

The award is named for Sarah Herring Sorin, Arizona’s first female attorney and the first woman to try a case in front of the United States Supreme Court.  Sorin practiced law first in Tombstone, Arizona and ultimately in Tucson.  Sorin received her license to practice law in 1892 from the First Judicial District Court of the Territory of Arizona.  Much of Sorin’s career focused on mining law and business issues.

Before her death in 1914, two months after Arizona gained statehood, Sorin had argued four cases before the United States Supreme Court.  The landmark case Work v. United Globe Mines was the first case presented by a woman without the assistance of male counsel.  She won the case.

Past recipients of the Sarah Herring Sorin Award are Helen Perry Grimwood, Doris Mindell, Roxana C. Bacon, Grace McIlvain, the Honorable Mary M. Schroeder, Barbara Atwood, Laura Cardinal, Amy Schwartz, Georgia Staton, the Honorable Janis Ann Sterling (retired), the Honorable Ruth V. McGregor (retired), Amelia Craig Cramer, Paige Martin, the Honorable Rebecca White Berch, and Dee Dee Samet.