Arizona Judicial Branch

2009 Trial Bench and Bar Court Specific Questions

 Arizona supreme Court

The Arizona Supreme Court ensures the highest standards of professional conduct for lawyers and judges.


The Arizona Supreme Court effectively exercises its constitutional rule-making power.


The Arizona Supreme Court administers the judicial system effectively and efficiently.


Arizona Court of Appeals-Division One

Division One's website is a useful tool.


Division One's Clerk's office responds well to inquiries.


It is useful to have memorandum decisions available for review on Division Ones' website and through Westlaw.


Arizona Court of Appeals-Division two

Division Two's technology systems, including electronic filing of briefs and other documents, remote electronic access to the trial record, and electronic distribution of court decisions and orders, are helpful and easy to use.


Division Two's distribution to counsel before oral argument of a draft decision prepared by one judge of the three judge panel to hear the case assists counsel's preparation for and conduct of the argument.


Division Two's Clerk's office responds well to inquiries.


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