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The Education Services Division strives to provide a variety of tools to Training Coordinators. This on-line training resource and information site is designed to provide training coordinators with easy access to judicial training and development links. Use this site to obtain orientation materials, update existing training manuals, view administrative guidelines, register for courses, access on-line tools and resources, view calendar of events, and much more!

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Upcoming Webinar Session: "Ethical?...You be the Judge"

1 hour Prezi presentation that introduces real life ethical scenarios and outlines the 4 canons of the Code of Conduct. Throughout the presentation as each scenario is presented, the participants will decide for themselves if they think the scenario violates the code of conduct or not. It provokes questions and discussion, especially when participants think a situation is both ethical and not ethical. This session is on the Code of Conduct for Judicial Employees and will point out that there are many things that govern our individual ethics (own morals, values, laws, codes, experiences, etc), which is why having a code of conduct for judicial employees is so important – there needs to be a written standard of behavior.

To Register : 

·         Go to

·         Click on “Upcoming” tab

·         Find class labeled - August 19, 2015 , 10:00 am  “Ethical?... You Be the Judge”

·         Click on “Register

·         You will receive a Registration Confirmation email from  (Do not delete!)


Blended Learning Staff Conference Program Announcement

 Statewide Webcast Plenary Sessions
 Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Join AOC Education Services Division and Judicial Staff Education Committee for the 3rd annual blended-learning staff conference! This conference uses a blended learning model, broadcasting statewide plenary sessions in the morning and afternoon, and state-wide Training Coordinators conducting in-person breakout sessions locally throughout the rest of the day. This combined statewide one-day event will provide staff with several quality COJET opportunities. Please click here for more information.

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