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Last Post 14 Oct 2020 06:40 PM by Jeffrey Schrade
ACJA §5-308: Court Security Guards Not Eligible for Certification
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14 Oct 2020 06:40 PM
    For more information about this proposal, please contact: Jeffrey Schrade, Education Services Division Director, at: (602) 452-3000, [email protected] Comment deadline: November 16, 2020.

    Administrative Order 2017-15 adopted statewide court security standards recommended by the Court Security Standards Committee (CCSC). Additionally, the Arizona legislature authorized the Arizona Supreme Court to certify Court Security Officers (CSOs) employed by a court (ASRS §12-299.10). A group of ACJA code sections addressing standards, training requirements and qualifications for certified CSOs (ACJA §5-301 through ACJA §5-307) was adopted in early 2020. However, these code sections largely do not apply to court security who are not employed by a court and who are ineligible to be certified CSOs (ASRS §12-299.10).

    The CCSC recommendation adopted by Administrative Order 2017-15 is that contract court security should follow the same standards and training requirements that apply to certified CSOs (CSSC Recommendation #26).

    This code section proposal will apply standards and training requirements to court security who are ineligible to be certified because they are not employed by a court. Court Security in this category includes contractors, law enforcement and volunteers.
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