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Last Post 29 Apr 2022 07:53 PM by  Ashleigh Hansen
R-22-0016 Amend SC Rule 32 - Regulation by the People
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Martin Lynch
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11 Jan 2022 02:17 AM
    The current regulatory method of Lawyers regulating Lawyers as "Officers of the Court" is an obvious conflict of interest and a violation of Art 3 "Separation of Powers". How can "Officers of the Court" walk across the street and give legal advice to the Legislature and the Executive? That might be "Absolute Despotism". I would need to read the DOI to see what comes after that. We could Legislate or Litigate but why? Better to amend the Rule as required by the Supremacy Clause and the Oath US Constitution Art 6 Clauses 2 and 3. Judicial Canon 1. We have solutions already drafted. Do you have any questions?

    Martin Lynch
    Tempe AZ

    Filed: January 11, 2022

    Would amend Rule 32 of the Rules of the Supreme Court of Arizona to provide that final decisions of Bar licensure and discipline would be decided by a jury trial.

    Comments must be submitted on or before Monday, May 2, 2022.
    Any reply by a petitioner must be submitted on or before Wednesday, June 1, 2022.
    Ashleigh Hansen
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    29 Apr 2022 07:53 PM
    Vice Chief Justice Ann A. Scott Timmer, Chair
    Attorney Regulation Advisory Committee
    1501 W. Washington St.
    Phoenix, AZ 85007

    Committee Staff:
    Aaron Nash
    Ashleigh Hansen

    The Attorney Regulation Advisory Committee (ARC) submits the attached comment to this Petition.