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Last Post 12 Nov 2015 05:08 PM by  Ellen Crowley
R-15-0006 Rule 74, Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure (Parenting Coordinators)
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Martin Lynch
New Member
Posts:22 New Member

20 Aug 2015 02:38 AM
Martin Lynch
1120 W Broadway Rd, Apt 55
Tempe AZ 85282-1255

Everything is Null and Void. (ARS 38-431.05)

Everyone seems to be acting as if Rule 74 is a done deal. On June 24 the Public Meeting laws were violated. On June 26 the committee was formally notified of the violations. 30 days are allowed in which to ratify and legally preserve the work of the committee. This is a perfect illustration of how nobody in Family Court cares to read the law, let alone follow it.

Try looking at ARS 38-431 thru ARS 38-431.08 because this is the path we are all going to follow together.

This is fortunate because the latest version of Rule 74 is riddled with violations of our constitutional rights and leaves our families and children wide open to abuse which is completely unacceptable to We The People and will be nothing but trouble for everyone. Please see the attached document. In an effort to quickly recover from this debacle we offer to this committee and the Justices of the Supreme Court quick and easy solutions that require nothing more than cut and paste so we can all be happy and not have to do hardly any more work or bother.

Whatever you decide is fine. If you decide you want to slug it out to get judicial immunity out of thin air or endless PC appointments we will be there for you. If you can muster a sound legal argument you might prevail, at least temporarily. But judging from the performance seen thus far from the Family Court team lead by Judge Barton, I wouldn't be too optimistic. The lawsuit prescribed by ARS 38-431.07 is about half done and already has much more detail than the abbreviated highlights presented here.

Our constitutional rights and the welfare of our families and children will be protected one way or the other, the easy way or the hard way. Which will it be?

Martin Lynch
Ellen Crowley
New Member
Posts:17 New Member

12 Nov 2015 05:08 PM
The Honorable Janet Barton, Chair
Parenting Coordinator Rule Petition Review Committee
1501 W. Washington St., Ste. 410
Phoenix, AZ 85007
(602) 452-3252

Petitioner's Motion to Reopen Matter to Revise Rule 97, Forms 9-11, Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure, to Conform with Amended Rule 74 and Request for Emergency Adoption

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