Meet the Council

The Council is composed of the following members: the chief justice of the Supreme Court; the chief judges of the Court of Appeals; the presiding judges of Maricopa and Pima counties; the president of the State Bar of Arizona or designee; the administrative director of the courts; two presiding judges of the superior court from non-metropolitan counties, a justice of the peace, a city magistrate, and public members, all appointed by the Chief Justice; and such other members as may be appointed at the discretion of the Chief Justice.

Chief Justice 
Hon. Robert Brutinel
Supreme Court
Admin Director Dave ByersAOC Director
Mr. David Byers
Supreme Court

Chief Judge
Hon. Peter Swann
Chief Judge
Hon. Garye Vásquez 
Judge Bryson
Presiding Judge
Hon. Kyle Bryson
Pima County

Presiding Judge
Hon. Joseph Welty
Maricopa County Superior Court

Judge Gurtler Presiding Judge
Hon. Charles Gurtler
Mohave County Superior Court

Judge StaufferPresiding Judge
Hon. Monica Stauffer
Greenlee County
Superior Court
Judge DominguezPresiding Judge
Hon. Louis Dominguez
Surprise City Court

Keith Russell
Justice of the Peace
Hon. Keith Russell
East Mesa Justice Court

Presiding Justice of the Peace
Hon. Dorothy Little
Payson Regional Courts

Mr. Brian Furuya
State Bar of Arizona

Juan Pablo Gizman
Clerk of Court
Hon. Juan Pablo Guzman
Santa Cruz County

Court Administrator
Ms. Kathy Schaben
Yuma County Superior Court

Judge Mackey
Presiding Judge
Hon. David Mackey
Yavapai County Superior Court

Judge Rojos
Presiding Judge
Hon. Antonio Riojas Jr. Tucson Municipal Court
mr. Mike Hellon
Public Member
Mr. Mike Hellon
Public Member
Mr. Don Bivens
 Public Member
Mr. Steve M. Pierce
Ms. Athia Hardt
Public Member Ms. Athia Hardt
Mr. George Weisz Public Member
Mr. George Weisz
Steve Peru
Public Member
Mr. Steve Peru

 Public Member
Ms. Lisa Urias

 Public Member
Ms. Lea Márquez-Peterson
 Mike Baumstark
AJC Staff
Deputy Director
Mr. Mike Baumstark
 Ms. Lorraine Smith
AJC Staff
Ms. Lorraine Smith

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