Frequently Asked Questions

Certificates of Good Standing FAQ


Can you expedite this process?
          No. We process the requests in the order in which they are received. You can reduce the length to mailing time by overnighting your request to our office and include an overnight envelope to send the certificate back to you.

Do you accept Credit Cards?
          No. We do not accept cash, credit or debit cards. Payment must be in check or money order only.  

Can I drop off/ pick up the certificate at your office instead of mailing it?
          Yes, you may do either or both. Make a note on the form telling us you wish to be called when the certificate is ready for pick up.  

Can I address the “postage paid return envelope” directly to the jurisdiction requiring the certificate?  
          Yes.  It is your certificate and will be sent to whatever address you provide on the postage paid envelope.  

What return address should I put on the postage paid envelope?
          You should put YOUR address as the return address, not our address at this office

What if I don’t include the envelope?
          You will be contacted via email and the certificate will be held until an envelope arrives. This will delay the processing of your request. This does not apply if you have chosen to pick the certificate up at our office.  

How long does it take to process my request?

          The Division strives to process certificates of good standing within 10 business days of receipt. Number of requests and staff resource limitations may result in longer time frames.

Is there a charge for a disciplinary history?

          No, but you do need to provide a postage paid return envelope with your request

What does it mean by the “highest court”?
          Some jurisdictions/applications require a certificate from the highest court or highest jurisdiction of the state. The highest court in Arizona is the Arizona Supreme Court. If you mark “yes” to this question, you will receive a certificate from the Disciplinary Clerk and a certificate from the Supreme Court Clerk’s office.  Please Note: Allow additional processing time for certificates from the Highest Court.