1988 Judicial Ethics Advisory Opinions


Applicability of Canons to Practicing Lawyers Who Serve as Part-time or Pro Tem Judges (April 20, 1988)

88-02 Membership on Statutory Committee or State Hospital Advisory Boards (May 11, 1988)
88-03 Limitation on Judicial Officers Holding Other Public Positions (May 11, 1988)
88-04 Propriety of Conducting an Educational Seminar in Another State Involving and Actual Settlement Conference (May 11, 1988)
88-05 Extent to Which Judges or Clerks May Provide Assistance in the Preparation of Forms and Pleadings (May 11, 1988)
88-06 Fee Sharing With Privately-Owned Defensive Driving Schools; Fees for Weddings (May 11, 1988)