Pre-Service Training Material

CASA Staff Pre-Service Training Materials

The materials on this page will help CASA Coordinators and Training Staff prepare & facilitate portions of pre-service training.  You will find PowerPoint Presentations, handouts and other various documents needed to run the Academy Welcome (Chapter 1) and Academy Wrap-up (Chapter 8) Sessions.  There is also a section with items for those who will be using the Flex Training.  Eventually we will also add the Supported Training Materials when they are available.

The CASA Welcome Session and the CASA Wrap-up Session will be facilitated by local county CASA staff.  All who are involved in training must have completed a Training of Facilitators class lead by the CASA of Arizona Training Team.  The material will need to be delivered as outlined by National CASA. If you have a question or need assistance don’t hesitate to contact the CASA of Arizona staff (Marshalle Manriquez [email protected] or Jessica McCowan [email protected]).

CASA of Arizona will keep this page updated with all current material. As updates are made an email will be sent to alert you to the changes so you can access a new copy.

CASA In-Person Academy Material
  Facilitators Manual
    Welcome & Wrap-up Facilitator Manual (PDF) (Aug. 2019 Update)
    Welcome Session Facilitator PowerPoint Guide (PDF) NEW!
    Wrap-up Session Facilitator PowerPoint Guide (PDF) NEW!
  Welcome Session - Chapter 1
    Chapter 1 PowerPoint Presentation (Aug. 2019 Update)
    Chapter 1 Evaluation (PDF)
  Wrap-up Session - Chapter 8
    Chapter 8 PowerPoint Presentation (Dec. 2019 Update)
    Chapter 8 Evaluation (PDF)
  Supplemental Academy Materials
    Welcome, Wrap-up Pre-work Email (Word)
    Current Volunteer Manual (PDF)
    Sample Court Report Template (PDF)
    Academy Case-Color Coded Outline (PDF) NEW
    General Resources for Academy & Flex Facilitation (PDF) NEW
CASA Flex (Blended) Academy Material
  Facilitators Resources
    Complete Flex Facilitators Manual (PDF)
    Flex Training Sign-in Sheet (Word)
    Flex Agenda Template (Word)
    Flex Case-Color Coded Outline (PDF) NEW
  Orientation Session
    Flex Orientation Session Outline (PDF)
  In-Person Session 1
    Flex Session 1 PowerPoint Presentation (Aug. 2019 Update)
    Flex Session 1 PowerPoint Facilitator Guide
  In-Person Session 2
    Flex Session 2 PowerPoint Presentation (Aug. 2019 Update)
    Flex Session 2 PowerPoint Facilitator Guide
    Greene Case Study (PDF) NEW
  In-Person Session 3
    Flex Session 3 PowerPoint Presentation(Aug. 2019 Update)
    Flex Session 3 PowerPoint Facilitator Guide
    Flex Session 3 PowerPoint Facilitator Guide
    Lavender Case Study (PDF) NEW
  In-Person Session 4
    Flex Session 4 PowerPoint Presentation(Sept. 2019 Update)
    Flex Session 4 PowerPoint Facilitator Guide
    Flex Session 4 Amarillo Case Study (PDF)
    Flex Session 4 Cultural Puzzle Handout (PDF)NEW
  In-Person Session 5
    Flex Session 5 PowerPoint Presentation(Sept. 2019 Update)
    Flex Session 5 PowerPoint Facilitator Guide
    Redd Case Court Report Template (Word)
  Supplemental Academy Materials
    Session Run Schedule (PDF)
    Complete Flex Volunteer Manual (PDF) July 2019 Update
    Flex Training Mobile App (PDF) NEW
    How to Navigate Your Online Course (PDF) NEW
CASA Supported (independent Study) Academy Material
  Available when released by National CASA