Beyond the Basics
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© National CASA Association

Beyond the Basics 

Welcome to the last portion of your training to become a CASA Advocate. At this point, you should have completed Getting Started, as well as attended the two-day Advocacy Academy.  In the Beyond the Basics interactive workbooks, we’ll tie everything together. You’ll learn the importance of understanding the families with whom you work, as well as communication with the team. You’ll also learn about the details of working on your cases, the need for self-care, and what to do when you encounter stress or burnout. Then you’ll focus on the big picture and look at the next steps.  

After you complete the workbooks, you will have an opportunity to meet with someone from your CASA office, individually or in a group setting, to ask questions and to review the material prior to getting your first case.  Your local CASA Program Staff will let you know about the review portion of Beyond the Basics as well as your observations. 

Please read the instructions on the right side of the page. Be sure that you download all five sections.

If you have any questions or technical difficulties please email Rand Rosenbaum with CASA of Arizona – [email protected]

Note: It is recommended that you use a laptop or desktop computer as some features may not be available on mobile devices or tablets.  Mac users will want to use Acrobat.  Remember that when the download process is complete your notification may be at the bottom of screen.  

Thank you and best wishes in your advocacy journey!

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Workbook Download Instructions:

1. Click on each section to open the workbooks.

2. After it opens, save it to your computer.

3. Make sure you download and save each of the six sections.

If you workbook does not open in the Adobe Reader program, please go back to the instructions you received to download the reader.