Training Course Exams
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CASA of Arizona is pleased to offer these training courses and exams. The exams are self-scoring and upon receiving a passing score of 75% or greater a certificate will be available for you to either print or download along with an email with your quiz results. CASA and FCRB volunteers should forward the email and/or a copy of the certificate to their Coordinator to receive training credit. Thank you and good luck! Note: We are currently experiencing a technical issue where the software times out before a certificate can be generated. You should receive an email confirmation that will show proof of having taken the quiz.

Prior to taking a quiz you are required to login for customization of the results.
If you do not already have a student account, please click the "Register" link below.

After you register you should receive an email to authorize your account. 

IMPORTANT: If you don't receive the authorization email first check your spam folder and then 
fill out this Technical Support form. Thank you.

Important Note: The "User Name" you select will be the name printed on the training certificates.